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My entry for this week’s Shirt.Woot derby. If you like it, please head over and give me a vote!

I don’t know why she’s laughing, either.

Expression + painting practice. I tend to draw girls with brightly colored hair when I’m practicing, for some reason. This was supposed to be something completely different, technique-wise, but I wound up really liking what came of it anyway!

Done in Manga Studio 5. Somewhat inspired by Loish — the decision to make somewhat bold color choices, mostly. :]


(via anatomicalart)

A quick colored commission for Knorfka, which was not quite as quickly colored as I initially intended. Still learning. :[


tiny tutorial thing I meant to make for the people I sometimes help out on portefolios : ) just wanted to share perspective doesnt have to be a bugger, yknow ? 

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I’m happy to announce new Manga Studio 5 and Clip Paint Art Marker and Dry Media brushes! Get them here! Reblog or RT for a chance at a free set.

Manga Studio has the most amazing brush engine of any drawing app I’ve ever used, but, let’s face it, the default brushes sort of…


Some awesome leg tutorials done by n3m0s1s.

(via anatomicalart)

Commission of a catboy. My tablet monitor and laptop monitor seem to be at odds recently, meaning my contrast in pictures tends to get screwed up if I don’t check it often. :c

Commission of a sexy, badass wolfgirl, dressed in a Morrigan-from-Dragon-Age-esque garb and looking ready to kick wholesale ass.

Painted in Manga Studio 5!

Commission of a sexy and beautiful… beast-girl demigoddess? Hard to say. Also, I can’t tell if my laptop monitor is washing colors out or my Yiynova is just bumping them up more. :\ I’m having a lot of problems with that lately, how do I tell the difference?